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A Shout Out – Corey Haines

October 2, 2009

Corey HainesThis is a slight break from the current 8-part series.  Just a shout out to give credit where it’s due:

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration for my “apprenticeship” and this series from the Software Journeyman Corey Haines and his pair programming tour. Corey’s dedication to Software Craftsmanship has led him on a tour for the last several months around the Midwest and East Coast of North America pairing with other craftsman for room and board.

Not only is this a totally rad thing to do, but Corey is a pretty rad guy himself. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to hang out with him while I was visiting Hashrocket and attending BizConf earlier this year. I owe a lot of my current passion to my conversations with him and the folks to whom he pointed me.

If you’re interested in Software Craftsmanship, then he is one of the Guys You Should Be Paying Attention To.

And if you see him at a conference or your local dev shop, say ‘hi’ for me, buy him a scotch and get him talking about craftsmanship. It’ll be worth your time.


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  1. Mat Schaffer permalink

    And much like every person I've ever heard on the radio (or podcasts in this case), he looks nothing like what I expected him to. Go figure.

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