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This is the stuff that I’m involved with in my community and things I think you should know about.

Community Events that I think are cool and attend:

IgnitePhilly – on Twitter
Ignite is all about bring smart, passionate people to present something new, cool, and many times mindblowingly awesome in rapid fire 5-minute bursts. IgnitePhilly just had its 4th event in October of 2009. Check out their site at for videos of presentations.

BarCamp Philly – on Twitter
Celebrating its second year of awesomeness, BarCamp Philly is the other big event that brings together some of the coolest folks in Philadelphia to talk about the things they care about. It’s organized by my friends and all around rockin people Roz Duffy (@stellargirl), JP Toto (@jptoto), and Kelani Nichole (@kelaninichole). I gave a presentation here at the first BarCamp Philly on “Your Idea And Why It Hasn’t Happened Yet.”

Groups I’m involved with (some way or another):

Independents Hall – on Twitter
In addition to being one of home bases of the Philadelphia Tech Community, IndyHall is also the place where I work. It was founded by two of the Philadelphia community leaders I respect the most: Alex Hillman (@alexknowshtml) and Geoff DiMasi (@geoffd). Check out what they have to say at Also, come work here for a day so we can hang out.

IndyHall Labs –
Labs is where a lot of the best ideas coming out of IndyHall get their start as products. Mostly it’s people scratching their own itch and then finding out there’s people who want to work on them and make it into a commercially viable product. I’ve gotten involved in a couple of projects here and I never cease to be amazed at the cool ideas that come out of this experiment.

Philly RB – on Twitter
The local Ruby user group where we get together to talk tech and teach each other. I can often be found here rambling about testing and agile stuff. I’ve given a couple of impromptu presentations on Cucumber and BDD here.

RefreshPhilly – on Twitter
While working at Comcast I got involved with the RefreshPhilly community. After the first BarCamp Philly, a lot of us wanted to keep the energy from that event going throughout the year. Like BarCamp, RefreshPhilly is not focused on a particular technology or design technique, but rather on the general new media community and making Philadelphia a great place to be be a nerd.

Build Guild – on Twitter
Chad Pytel of Thoughtbot ( fame brought this mustachioed web event to Philly in 2009. The Build Guild is a recurring pub night which gets web-folk together with no commercial purpose. It’s a place to get together with your people and geek out.

Junto –
Resurrecting the conversation and social group started by Ben Franklin, the guys at P’unk Ave ( get us talking about everything from what libraries should be in the modern world to user experience design.

So What I’m Saying Is…

The Masterless Apprentice –
My thoughts on software craftsmanship and my attempt to work with and learn from the best web developers out there. This blog is fairly new, but there’s plenty more to come.

I’m so going to blog this! –
This was my first attempt at a blog. I’m not posting here anymore, but I used it to share my ideas, some tips on ActionScript 3 development and other ramblings.

Conferences I’ve attended recently:

GoRuCo or The Gotham Ruby Conference
GoRuCo is a great one day, one track Ruby conference which brought together Rubyists from all over the NY, NJ, PA, and the New England area.

BizConf –
“BizConf is an exclusive conference for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, startup founders, and consultants.” It’s also where I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with some of the best devs & software craftsmen in the business. While I was down there I chilled with the Hashrocket folks, learning what I could about their Way.

360|Flex –
In a not-so-far-past life, I primarily worked with Flash and ActionScript development. 360|Flex is a small community-driven event focused on Flash & Flex, open source, and bringing good coding practices to the Flash world.

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